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Often when I am to my own thoughts, I can pick out the musical in my life. When I listen to music only as a secondary activity, when I am observing something else, I can make out the synchronized movements of everyone and everything around me. The trees sway to the tune I am listening. The boys on the playground hop, skip and jump to the beats of the song. The women on the road are walking in a rhythm, their saarees and chunnis flying behind them, and all laugh on queue when the musical notes make a switch.

Apart from the perfect choreography, every other aspect of theatrics is also taken care of. I can see that the costumes are perfect for every character. The stage is brilliantly set. The props are to perfection. All playing their part in the story of my life. I am the central character of course. It is me who pops from chapter to chapter; sometimes willing, sometimes led to; some mine and some I become audience to.

It is a wonderful life – happy, tragic, mundane, tense, all at once. Sometimes the music stops and the fun stops too. It is only when I hear the music again and everyone falls back into the rhythmic notes, that the smile comes back on my face and the musical continues.



  1. Brilliant!! I’ll definitely have to try this. I mean, I got to see if this happens with me too 🙂

  2. Let me know what kind of songs you hear! [:D]

  3. Hmmm.. I think I’ll have a Rock Musical with bit of Bollywood happening.. 🙂
    nicely done

  4. Rock and Bollywood you say? It’s a fun life I say! 🙂 Thanks!

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