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10,000 BCA whole ten thousand years Before Christ. Jesus Christ! What interesting, illuminating facts in the movie! “Facts?!”, I hear you. I know. Facts. After all, that is what movies are all about, aren’t they? Ask the people fiercely protesting against Jodha Akbar. There is nothing fictional about movies.

What were the facts I learned then? Well, for one I came to know that French beards were in vogue since 10,000 B.C. Men discovered cutting facial hair before they could get those scissors to the head. Clearly, facial hair has always been more of a bother. Also, quite interestingly, everyone except the Afros preferred the huge now-called-African hairdos. It appears we are wrong in judging the long, matted, greasy locks of hair as African. Africans were originally bald. They inherited this hair only from the Europeans, or the mountain people as they were known then.

Another revelation came in what we call good or bad English. “He promise it.” was perfectly acceptable good English then. This is how it started and therefore explains why it comes to us naturally. Sadly, toddlers have to relearn what comes to them naturally and we get stuck what we call good English only in the A.D.s. What a scandal!

Oh ya, the concept of ‘The One’ is also a ‘Before Christ’. So, no credits to you Mr. Matrix scriptwriter, nothing new in ‘The One’. You were a bit D’Lehed in the concept.

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