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From this day on, every Sunday I will write about the following things:

– If you can’t pronounce that name, here is some help: it sounds like try-a-coke-ah. This is the second autobiography I am reading and I am loving it as much as the first one. The guy rose from being a field engineer to be the CEO of Ford, got fired because of office politics, and then resurrected Chrysler from going bankrupt to eventually become a National Hero. A true American-Dream-come-true story. I wonder when will our Indian businessmen write something like this to inspire Indians everywhere. Ratan Tata would not be reading this, but if someone knows him, please coax him a little!

  • Songs I am listening to – Parachutes, by Coldplay

– How did I ever miss this one before !!? My favorite song by Coldplay (Warning – they keep on changing, but its’ always Coldplay). A song for youth.


    1. So did u like top secret?
      Parachutes is nice.. I’m surprised u missed it before.

    2. Yeah me too! Didn’t know how the heck I missed it before!
      Yeah Top Secret was fun…guess it pioneered it all..the gags these spoofs play these days..

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