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Update on John Updike: The Fourth Hand, as I said before, was very entertaining. It started out as a tragically funny story but ended up as a touching drama; and the transition was so subtle, I noticed it only as an afterthought!


Scrubs is back! And so is the music! Some of my favorite scrubs tracks:
1. Catch my Disease – Ben Lee (The track in the recently aired 7th episode of Season 7)
2. Light and Day – The Polyphonic Spree
3. Overkill – Colin Hay


1. Horton Hears a Who
I wanted to see this one ever since I knew it was being made! Horton is the best elephant ever. There is a scene wherein he fashions his ears as a swimsuit cap and dives in the water. Hilarious. Another one, when he crosses a rope bridge. His walk with his butt waggling behind him is the best laugh in the movie. 🙂

2. St. Trinian’s
Nothing new but Rupert Everett was hilarious as Miss Fritton.

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  1. Yeah! Scrubs is back!! The 8th episode of Season 7 is extremely funny (I don’t remember the last time I had a good laugh watching scrubs)

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