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So, this week was quite slack. I had a lot of time in my hands and nothing specific to do except checking the VFS site regularly to see if the July dates are open for registration, kill time in office, get back early in the evening, if before 7 – watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S, watch some news, have dinner and then read Mort. That’s my book for the week by the way.


MORT – by Terry Pratchett
Pratchett brings humor back to my reading. Two years ago, Wodehouse introduced me to Jeeves and Bertie and their very English world where Murphy’s law could easily be proved. If not for Nivi, I would have spent all my money on those books

Anyways, this is dark humor. You can’t get darker than Death, can you? But you wouldn’t know Death is funny, would you? Well, unless you meet him. The cloaked skeletal figure with a huge scythe in his hands and two blue twinkles for eyes, is Death, Pratchett’s central character in the book. And Mort is its apprentice.

I don’t want to reveal any more but if you want my opinion, I did not like it so much. Wodehouse still rocks.


Viva La Vida and Death and All His Friends released on June 12. I am hoping the songs grow on me.
As of now, I like the music here and there but the lyrics don’t make any sense at all.


Lots and lots of them this week. All ranging from average to utter crap so I will just list them in the order in which I rate them and not waste my breath.
1. The Great Debaters
2. The Other Boleyn Girl
3. Kung Fu Panda
4. My Mom’s New Boyfriend

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