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It comes from being able to articulate a thought as a whole.

I admire them who can express themselves clearly through words. It is a trait I have been trying to incorporate in myself.

According to me, real, great joy (and satisfaction) is in actually forming such sentences. But whilst I do that (and considering that I took 10+ minutes just to get the first sentence of this post right), I will list some of my personal favorites (not by me πŸ˜‰ ). After all reading brings me joy too, especially when I stumble across some of my own thoughts expressed so succinctly as I could have never imagined.

Maugham is my favorite when it comes to aphorisms. He once said: β€œThe ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit.” Such a beautiful sentence, isn’t it?Β  Not to mention ridiculing too. It made me doubt myself first, but then, I couldn’t deny I believed the same too. πŸ™‚

In today’s TOI, Jug Suraiya has a well written article in the editorial section; his own take on Jeeves and Bertie’s antics. Bertie is reading about ethnic profiling and has no clue what it means (of course). He asks Jeeves (of course), paving the way for Suraiya to express his own opinion on it. Jeeves answers: “Ethnic, or racial profiling is presumption of guilt by the prejudgment of prejudice, sir.”

Could it be expressed any better?

How are you feeling now?

I rest my case.


Additional Reading:

  1. There are many good articles which emphasize the importance of communication for a successful career. The ones I linked to are specific to CS and grad school however.
  2. You can read some more of my personal favorites by Maugham here.
  3. This blog post is inspired from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. I regret I cannot point the exact location where she mentions this as the supreme joy.
    Do any of you remember? Please leave a comment if you do. I have unfortunately lost the book.

One Comment

  1. Couldnt help but voice my agreement. I think telling the story (i.e. putting it in the right words and sentences) is as important as the story itself.

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