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You must have come across some or the other article, somewhere or the other, regarding the must have extensions for Firefox; well, unless you are N  ;).
Even I have; although, I must say all such articles missed at least one or two absolutely brilliant add-ons which can make life on the web as simple as…well…err…a Chetan Bhagat novel?

So now, to help you achieve the super-awesome power of Firefox, I give you my own set of extensions which (I think) is an exhaustive list for finding, keeping, retrieving and sharing information efficiently on the web.

1) Cooliris

I think this is more of an experience than an extension. I was awestruck when I first came across Cooliris.

I use it to watch news, upcoming movie trailers and Flickr and facebook albums. If you ever got frustrated with the Flickr Search interface, you’ll realize how easy (and cool) glancing through snaps can be.

2) ReadItLater

Exactly as the name suggests. When you are so pressed for time that *that* article which looks interesting can just not be read rightaway, you just put a check on it to ReadItLater!

3) Delicious

Since the actual site sucks big time, it’s a boon not having to go to it. They even have a search engine, which often gives better results than Google.

For people who don’t know what I am talking about, delicious is a service where you can bookmark, tag, comment and organize the information you find on the web. It can be used as a backup for all your bookmarks, which really helps when you switch browsers or machines.

4) DownloadStatusBar

An addon which just sits pretty on the statusbar instead of the ugly second download window.

5) PDF Download

Often times when you find the information you need in a PDF, you’ll want to download it. This one makes it easy to download the PDFs directly. If not, just ‘bypass’ the extension.

6) DownThemAll

Sweet. This one puts the power of regular expressions for downloading stuff. Forget ‘right-click’ and ‘save-as’. It will help you download all the interesting content from the site in one go.


Firebug opens up the web for you. It helps you swim through the bare details of any website. HTML, JS, CSS, have a look at all of them.

Even if you are not a developer but are intrigued as to what lies beneath? Or are curious to know just how did the developer code such a thing? Better, if you are an aspiring developer, then Firebug can serve as a tutorial as well as an debugger or even an IDE.

Have fun with these ones and make sure to leave a commet on which one (not in the list above ) has made your life easier.

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