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Inspired by Oogst‘s section on Ray Tracers (and equally awed by it), I have decided to keep track of the stepwise improvements in our(me and S) ray tracer.

We started working on it last week and it’s still in infancy. Although since the assignment is due in about two weeks from now, you will (should) see a lot of rapid improvements in what we render. I might get too busy to do it now, but nonetheless updates are guaranteed after the semester ends (around mid December).

So without any further ado, here is where we are right now :

Two Spheres

Two Spheres

We have the following techniques implemented:

  • Ray Sphere Intersections ( & Ray-Triangle – not shown above)
  • Perspective-correct rendering of objects depending on view position
  • Phong Lighting Model

I hope you can see the magic in this image; or is it just me? 🙂

Anyways guys, gotta get back to do some more quality stuff.

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