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The rocks had a crazy story to tell,
‘was a long one and so no one stayed.

The river was impatient it had work to do,
carry gallons to the bay and keep it full.

The grass was easy but very sleepy,
the grasshoppers hopping ‘a one ‘a two.

The wind was breezy bordering on freezy
had to cross the town and be through.

There weren’t any animals wandering about
‘was a strange prairie, not much around.

The rocks were distressed,
oh what a wonderful story they kept!

One started to recite anyway,
the others shoosh’ed him right away.

Their lips are sealed, they won’t reveal
until someone comes one day to have a walk
and notices them crunching underneath his trot.

They are shouting their story, that’s what they do,
it’s a crazy one yes, one sure to amuse you.


  1. @ PD: Nice one!! maybe you should write the actual story which these rocks conceal!..:)

  2. Too good!

  3. Sonet! Beautiful!

  4. Thanks guys!! 🙂

  5. Nice one Pd!!

    • thanks bozz!

  6. An absolute delight to read! 🙂
    Can’t wait to read the next one..

    • I wasn’t planning for a next one…I have no idea what should follow…thanks though

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