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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  1. Best VFX TV Spots from last year – <link>
  2. Digic Pictures in Hungary just dazzle me – <link>
  1. Simple OpenGL viewer for Lytro lightfield images – <link>
  2. C++ at Facebook – <link>
  3. Lesser Known Useful Data Structures – <link>


Just one link for today – “The Art of Rendering” by Mike Seymour; because it’s long and comprehensive and takes up all my free time to read today.

Hope you like it!

  1. Radiolab Podcast on The Turing Problem – <link>
  2. In case, you haven’t gone through the GDC tech link I posted yesterday, here are some links in that treasure of a blog related to Graphics –
    Water in Uncharted 3
    Modeling with Signed Distance Functions